At Victoria Knight we will always go the extra mile to ensure we find the best tenants for you based on your personal and professional requirements and the property type. We implement numerous methods to make sure you get the best match when it comes to your tenants. One way we do this in particular is through our efficient Corporate Lettings service.

We will work closely with various parties including relocation agents and employers to ensure the right property is found for their staff’s needs.

There may be a certain type of property which is more suited for this particular kind of letting. To discover whether or not your property fits this type of letting, contact us today for your free no obligation property valuation or market appraisal.

Depending on your situation, needs, requirements, and property, Victoria Knight can help find the right solution for you. Our Corporate Lettings service can offer you:

Longer Secure Tenancies

Our experience shows that our corporate tenants tend to be under long tenancies, meaning that they rent the perfect property for a longer than average time. This means more security and a consistent rental income for you.

Short Term Tenancies

On the contrary, we also have a number of corporate tenants in search of a property to rent for merely a few months. Such tenants are usually prepared to pay landlords a premium rate for such a privilege.

Direct Rent Payments from Employers

It is not uncommon for the tenants’ employers or company to cover rental costs. This will ensure that you will continue to collect the rent on the stated day from a reputable source without having to worry about whether the rent will be received or not.

We Take Care of Everything

Our friendly and efficient team at Victoria Knight will help you expedite everything from negotiations to the signing of the contract.

Total Piece of Mind

The helpful team at Victoria Knight is ready to take care of everything, including the maintenance of the property during the tenancy agreement, meaning you will have very little to worry about once the contract is signed.